The Domain


The domain was bought by the Grand Grandfather in 1880, and we are the generation of winemakers.


The wine storehouse was made in 1904, half buried in order to keep an equal temperature all the year, avoiding a difference of temperatures during each season.

Each generation has brought changes in the way of making but in the same time respecting the customs. The visit at de l'Eco-Museum permits to remind the old customs and tools, used in the past: Tools for coopers, saddlers, ploughmen.


The Wine

Exposed south - facing the Mediterranean Sea


We create well-structured red wines, rosé wines personalized by aromas of raspberries. Thanks to a chalky soil natives from Devonian period specifics of the Aspres’s foothills.


The carbonic maceration from old vineyards of the type Carignan, Grenache Noir, Mourvedre growing on schists from the Silurian era, create wines of great finesse and very fruity. The vineyards located on marls are at the origin of noble tannins for wines intended for the ageing.

The Syrah and the Grenache are assembled to make a” Vin de Pays” Rosé with a Salmon’s color. They check the temperatures to keep all the aromas and its natural freshness.


Eco Museum of Wine "La Grangerie"


Located at the balcony of the Aspres, with a panoramic view of Roussillon, it’s the discovery of a very interesting heritage.


In the stables you’ll find an old fulling mill on foot, a mechanical fulling mill, a scalder made of Copper, a collection of Saddler tools: Needles, Knifes, old Collars, Romans, a Workbench...


Other vines’ tools are exposed on furniture with bead: Tools for cooper, packsaddle with sulfating

In the Patio, there is a very old well, constructed quite stone which reaches 25 meters deep.


Finally there is a wine tasting, in the shepherd’s kitchen” the room with arches”.


It's a pleasure to share their rural roots in a relaxing place, where the hard work of the men is perceived in all its integrity.


We have recently renewed "La Salle Serrat de Madame" for the projection of a movie about the world of winemaking. Then, there is a detailed winetasting





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