Presentation of the territory

The Aspres, "a secret territory"

At the foothill of the Canigou, the land of  the "Aspres" is composed of valleys covered with thick forests higher up, and low-growing  vegetation in the plains.

Its paths have been long used by merchants and miners, not to mention pilgrims on their way to St Jacques de Compostelle.

A chapel or a church full of history is to be found in each village of the territory.

Nowadays, in the Aspres, we are developing “green tourism”, which reveals the authentic heritage - cultural and gastronomic - of the Catalan country.


Les Aspres - Terre de Caractère

Terre de tradition millénaire entre Pyrénées et méditerranée,
Terre âpre et secrète,
Terre de garrigue, de schiste, de « l'alzina »,de la vigne...
Terre de tradition culturelle,
Terre avec ces villages et ses Hommes,
Terre que des hommes avec leurs savoir faire
et leurs talents multiples font vivre tout en la préservant.

Adrienne Cazeille



The 19 villages :

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