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Castelnou is one of the most remarkable sites that must be discovered in Catalunya.


Surrounded by two limestone plateau, le cause of Thuir and the Roc of Majorque (alt. 443m). Nestled at the foot of the Aspres, this village built in the tenth century seems to be forgotten with the time, after being the capital of the Vallespir over three centuries.


Built on rocks and as a staircase, the contrast is very pleasant with the intimacy that emerges from its flower-decked streets.


The castle was built near 988-990 to serve the military and administrative capital of the Vallespir, crated during the counties division d’Oliba Cabreta, Count of Cerdagne and Besalù, between his children, Bernard Taillefer, heir of the count of Besalù, Fenouillèdes, Peyrepertuse, and of Guilfred, who heirs Cerdagne, Conflent and Capcir.

Town hall Monsieur Jean CHEREZ

Carrer de la Patora
66300 Castelnou

Phone 04 68 53 45 72

Fax 04 68 53 17 79

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